Wallpaper vs. Paint: Which Should You Choose?

Wallpaper vs. Paint: Which Should You Choose?


Both wallpaper and paint offer fantastic ways to breathe new life into a room.
Paint proves ideal for spaces susceptible to moisture, such as kitchens and bathrooms.
When it comes to ease of application, paint takes the lead as it's DIY-friendly, while wallpaper often requires the expertise of professionals for proper installation.
In terms of longevity, wallpaper shines with a lifespan of 10 to 15 years, whereas paint necessitates touch-ups every three to five years to maintain its vibrancy.
Considering costs, installing wallpaper typically ranges from $250 to $800 per room, while painting comes in at approximately $200 to $900 per room.



    Revitalizing the walls of your home can make a big difference, whether you're just moving into a new place or want to bring new life to a place that's been there for a while. But don't worry! Picking between wallpaper and paint is not an easy choice. This detailed guide aims to carefully look at the pros and cons of each, giving you the information you need to make an informed choice that fits perfectly with your idea for your living space.

    A Full Comparison of Wallpaper and Paint

    Durability: When starting a wall makeover project, durability is one of the most important things to think about. Here, wallpaper stands out as the clear winner, with a long-lasting 10 to 15 years and little upkeep needed. Paint, on the other hand, needs more frequent touch-ups and a full remake every three to five years to keep its shiny look.

    Cost: Money is often the most important factor in making decisions. While installing wallpaper can cost anywhere from $250 to $800 per room at first, it ends up being a smart choice in the long run because it lasts so long. Professional painting jobs, on the other hand, are less expensive up front (usually between $200 and $900 per room), but they need to be done again and again, so they become an ongoing cost.

    DIY-Friendly: For a picky do-it-yourself enthusiast, how easy it is to complete a home improvement job can be a deciding factor. Paint clearly comes out on top in this category, with an easy-to-follow painting process that even beginners can handle with confidence. On the other hand, professionals are often needed to get the best results when installing wallpaper because it is so complicated.

    Designs: There's no doubt that the way something looks is an important part of planning how to change your living area. In this case, deciding between paint and wallpaper is a fun puzzle. Wallpaper tempts with its wide range of beautiful patterns and textures, but paint calls with the promise of unmatched customization, letting people make their walls look exactly how they want them to with precision and style.

    Value at Resale: Resale value is the most important thing for landlords who are thinking about the long-term effects of the design choices they make. Wallpaper and paint can both have a big effect on how much someone thinks a house is worth. However, basic paint colors are usually seen as less distracting than bright or specific wallpaper designs, so they are less likely to hurt resale value.

    Bathrooms and Kitchens: When thinking about wall treatments for high-humidity places like bathrooms and kitchens, moisture resistance is the most important thing to keep in mind. Paint is clearly the winner here, as it comes in moisture-friendly formulas that can handle the wear and tear of these settings. On the other hand, wallpaper can peel and mold can grow when it gets too wet.

    Replacement: One important thing to consider is how easy it is to update or replace wall coverings, especially for people who like to make changes. In terms of freedom and ease of replacement, paint is clearly better than wallpaper because it is much easier to paint over existing paint than to carefully remove and reinstall wallpaper.

    Solid Colors: Both wallpaper and paint come in a wide range of colors to meet everyone's tastes. However, when it comes to solid colors, paint gives homeowners more choices. When it comes to paint, you can mix and match shades to make the perfect color scheme. This gives you more freedom than ever to show your creativity through design.

    Wallpaper Which Should You Choose?

    Strong and lasting a long time
    Design choices that are flexible
    It helps block out noise.

    Hard to get rid of and usually needs professional help
    Easily damaged by water in places with a lot of humidity
    The installation method can be hard to understand and take a long time.
    Best for: Bedrooms, living rooms, and other places with low humidity, where it can fully show off its good looks and soundproofing qualities.

    Use paint:
    Paint: Which Should You Choose?


    Works well in places that tend to get wet
    It is easy to change to fit different needs.
    Installation is easier, especially for people who like to do things themselves.

    Needs regular upkeep and touch-ups
    Some homes may be turned off by the initial cost and prep work needed.
    Wallpaper has a wider range of styles.
    It's best for any job, inside or outside, because it's so versatile and easy to use.

    Comparison of Costs

    There are important financial issues to think about when deciding whether to put up wallpaper or paint a room. Putting up wallpaper costs about $562 on average, but painting a room costs about $1,990 on average. These costs can change depending on things like wall height and surface state, so they need to be carefully thought out and budgeted for.

    Do It Yourself vs. Hiring a Pro

    If you have the right skills and courage, you can do both wallpapering and painting yourself. On the other hand, doing major repairs by yourself can be scary and filled with the chance of making mistakes. In these situations, hiring a skilled painter or wallpaper hanger can help you get the best results and peace of mind.

    Finally, whether you choose the classic beauty of wallpaper or the endless possibilities of paint, your walls can become a blank slate for your imagination and self-expression, showing off your individual style and character with each brushstroke or roll of wallpaper. By reading this thorough comparison, you now feel ready to start your wall makeover project with confidence and clarity. You can turn your living space into a haven of beauty and comfort that you will enjoy for years to come.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Can you paint over wallpaper?

      • Yes, you can paint over wallpaper, but it's important to ensure that the wallpaper is in good condition and properly adhered to the wall. It's recommended to use a primer specifically designed for covering wallpaper before painting to ensure adhesion and a smooth finish.
    2. Should I paint or wallpaper my bathroom?

      • The choice between painting and wallpapering your bathroom depends on various factors such as your personal preference, the style you want to achieve, and the condition of the walls. Generally, paint is a better option for bathrooms due to its moisture resistance and ease of maintenance. However, if you prefer the aesthetic of wallpaper or want to add texture and pattern to your bathroom, there are moisture-resistant wallpapers available that can withstand the humid environment.
    3. Is peel-and-stick wallpaper better than Non woven traditional?

      • Non woven Walloro wallpaper offers the advantage of easy installation and removal compared to traditional old fashion paper wallpaper, which requires adhesive application. Peel-and-stick wallpaper is also a great option for renters or those who want a temporary decor solution. However, traditional wallpaper often provides a wider range of designs and may offer better durability in the long run with luxury and better looking. Ultimately, the choice between peel-and-stick and traditional high-end wallpaper depends on your preferences, budget, and specific needs for the space. 

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