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  • Flame Retardant Material

    Fire protection, fire will not be ignited.

  • Real Color & Clear Texture

    Environmental protection eo level.
    Card slot splicing quick installation.

  • Moisture-proof

    Moisture-proof and
    anti corrosion top revent pest erosion.

Elevate your corporate or retail environment with
our specialized program tailored for businesses.

In the highly competitive business landscape, distinguishing yourself isn't merely a choice; it's an imperative. Our customized wall murals are designed to align seamlessly with your brand, guaranteeing that your space transcends being just a place and transforms into a captivating experience for your visitors.

Embossed Wallpaper

Walloro wallpapers offer seamless installation, whether you opt for professional assistance or embark on a DIY project.

Our wallpapers are designed to be hung using the innovative "paste the wall" technique, recognized as the simplest installation method available today. This technology is incorporated into all our wallpapers, ensuring hassle-free hanging.

When it's time to part ways with our "paste the wall" wallpapers, the removal process is equally straightforward. Featuring an easy peel removal, our wallpapers can be gently peeled away, revealing larger sections that make removal a breeze.

For additional tips and insights on hanging and removing wallpaper, explore our informative how-to guides.

Walloro PS Wall Panel

The Walloro PS wall panel, constructed from lightweight and eco-friendly polystyrene (PS), serves as a decorative wall covering material. These panels come in a variety of colors and patterns on their surface, allowing them to mimic different textures like brick walls, stone materials, and wood grain, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the wall and adding depth to the room.

Moreover, PS wall panels boast easy installation, along with excellent waterproof, fire-resistant, anti-corrosion, and sound insulation properties. They do not emit harmful substances such as formaldehyde, aligning with the principles of modern home environmental protection. As a result, they find widespread use in diverse settings, including residences, bathrooms, and commercial spaces. Notably, these panels offer a wide range of shapes and an extensive color palette at a relatively affordable cost, making them a highly cost-effective choice for wall decoration.

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