How much does it cost to install wallpaper a 10x10 wall?

How much does it cost to install wallpaper a 10x10 wall?

Unlocking Elegance: The Cost Breakdown of Wallpapering a 10x10 Wall

The style and quality of the wallpaper, installation fees, and other materials required can all affect how much it costs to wallpaper a 10 × 10 wall. The typical cost of a roll of wallpaper is between $90 and $400. Designer or high-end wallpapers could be at the upper end of this range.

You'll need to determine how many rolls are needed, taking into account the wall's measurements of 10 by 10 feet. To find the total square footage, measure the wall's height and width. A 10 by 10 wall in this instance has an area of 100 square feet. You may need 4 or 5 wallpaper rolls to cover the entire wall because they usually cover 25 to 30 square feet.

Professional installers may charge by the square foot or by the roll, and installation expenses can vary accordingly. Installation costs are about $1 to $5 per square foot. Get quotations from potential installers based on the details of your project if you're hiring a pro.

When all of these things are taken into account, wallpapering a 10 by 10 wall might cost anywhere from a few hundred to over a thousand dollars, depending on the wallpaper you choose, how many rolls you need, and installation costs. Remember that these are only rough estimates, and that actual costs will depend on your location and the particulars of your project.


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